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Mumford and Sons – Babel

26 Sep

Mumford and Sons – Babel. 24th September 2012.

Many people take issue with Mumford & Sons and I think I’m one of those people who would take issue with a band like them. But I don’t. Maybe I think I shouldn’t like them because I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable buying their album as a present for my Nan.  Or maybe it’s the number of times God is referenced in their lyrics. But none of this bothers me when usually it would. Although the songs are melodic and accessible, they are far from routine; heavy rhythms dominate the floor of most tracks, while frontman Marcus Mumford’s impassioned and rasping vocals give the air of a man who is at least singing for his supper, and on occasions even his life. Basically I love folk music.

Ben Howard, also from West London and signed to Island Records (the same label as Mumford & Sons), is another artist producing folk music for the 21st Century and Every Kingdom was my favourite album from last yeah. And then there’s Frank Turner, the man from Winchester who started this revolution in folk rock with his song “The Road”. I feel it may be time for me to grow a beard, buy a waste-coat and start wearing bow-ties.

I am planning to see Mumford & Sons in December at the O2 Aren, London and cannot wait. They are a fine modern folk band who have found ways to breathe new life into an ancient form of music. In an ideal world, it would be nice if the group were afforded the credit they deserve before they, too, fade into the past.

Mumford & Sons – I Will Wait