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Nero – Won’t You (Be There)

25 Sep

There is a certain level of generosity within electro which separates it from other genres and deejays from other artists. I rarely find a band offering free downloads on their website in return for an email address but it is something which is becoming more common for deejays and it pleases me greatly. Not only because I’m cheap but it suggests some appreciation from them that we spend our money to watch them perform live and in return their fan base grows and in the long run they probably earn more due to increased ticket sales. As the controversy surrounding illegal downloads rolls on I think it is something the rest of the music world could learn from. If artist aim to achieve more revenue from live performances and less from media sales they will be better for it in the future. I know the costs are high for a full band to produce a song than it is for deejays working from computers but I think the logic is there. Furthermore it will truly separate talented acts and those who just look good and can be manipulated into sounding good.  Everyone’s a winner. I am a huge fan of Nero and have seen them live on multiple occasions.  As for Won’t You (Be There). Compared to their previous it’s a little bit samey and I can kind of see why they are giving it away for free. Saying that they have set the bar extremely high with their previous work and if you scroll down you will see a remix by them which I think is something quite special. Won’t You (Be There) is definitely worth a listen nevertheless.

Elite Force – Be Strong (Loops Of Fury Remix)

31 Jan

Listening to Radio 1’s Essential Mix, live from Hull, this latest remix from Loops Of Fury blew my mind.

Nero – Angst

25 Sep

What’s that you hear? Is that Justice, you say? Well no, not quite. Nero have taken “Stress“, turned that son’bitch sideways, shined it up real nice and  shoved it straight down your ear canal under it’s new name, Angst. There’s much dispute to whether Nero have done enough with this track to deserve it having it’s own name. There are many, I assume, hardcore Justice fans who feel that it should be simply “Justice – Stress (Nero Remix)’ and many have actually uploaded this track under such a name or similar descriptions. I personally think they have done enough and am a huge fan of this track. It stands out as one on Welcome Reality which is no small feit. However credit where credit is due, that is one hell of a sample and Stress is a sensational piece of music.

Mustard Pimp Feat. Alec Empire – Catch Me

18 Sep

Here’s the next release from Mustard Pimp and a number of it’s remixed versions.




Mustard Pimp – Catastrophe Mixtape Series Vol 9

14 Sep

Immaculate new mixtape from the phenomenal Mustard Pimp.

1)DJ Antention – Start the Machinery
2)Konovalov – Smile Now (Casino Gold Remix)
3)Dr Gonzo – Dr Gonzo Anthem (Mumbai Science Remix)
4)Jagerverb – Lady Birds
5)Mustard Pimp – The Amazons (Jagerverb Remix)
6)Casino Gold – Efflux
7)?????? – ??????
8)Modek – I Love
9)Bart B More & Tommie Sunshine – Bodywork
10)Mustard Pimp feat. Jimmy Urine – Money Shot
11)Clockwork – Hulk
12)Tom Staar & Paul Summers – Death Staar
13)Mustard Pimp – ZHM
14)Casino Gold – Taurine
14)The Loops Of fury – Don’t Stop
15)The Rox – Kisel
16)Modek – Willow
17)Dan Sena – Song Of Siren (Modek Medieval Remix)
18)Cicada – Come Together (BeatauCue remix) (MP Edit)
19)Gigi Barocco feat. Wiskey Pete – Damn Girl (Keith & Supabeatz Remix)
20)A-Trak & Hervé feat. Cadence Weapons – Roll With The Winners (DoctR Remix)
21)Beens & Dachstuhl – Fogger (Nom De Strip Remix)
21)Robbie Rivera, Tommy Lee, Aero, Sue Cho – Ding Dong (Bassjackers Remix)
22)Jaymo & Andy George – Hold Me Back (DIM Remix)
23)Jan Driver – Intruder
24)Gmorozov – Acid
25)Deftones – You’ve Seen The Butcher (Mustard Pimp Remix)
26)Mustard Pimp feat. Blatta & Inesha – Dirty Knees
27)Bonsai Kat – Bla Bla
28)Mustard Pimp – Radio Techno Allah
29)?????? – ???????
30)VNNR – What! (Dr Lektroluv’s Milano Edit)
31)Mustard Pimp feat. Alec Empire – Catch Me (Kanji Kinetic Remix)

Allio – Down The Rabbit Hole Mix

7 Sep

If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary-wise; what it is it wouldn’t be, and what it wouldn’t be, it would. With this in mind I bring you a fresh new mix from Allio, a talented deejay I met while at University. He tends to switch it up, utilising a range of genres from peaceful chill-out tracks to in your face house and hip-hop, with a cheeky bit of dubstep thrown in for good measure. His latest mix is a perfect example of this. In his words, Down The Rabbit Hole is a mix of tracks; some old, some new, some chilled, some hard but ultimately all class. Featuring tunes such as “Night Air – Jamie Woon (Ramadanman remix)”, “Ni**as in Paris – Jay Z and Kanye West” and “Pictures – Benjamin Leftwitch Francis (GZUS remix)” you know you’re in for a treat. If your ear drums are tingling after playing this and are hungry for more, why not serve them up a portion of “Ruckus In The Library”, listening to it back in May was a regular relief from revising for finals!


  1. Night Air – Jamie Woon (Ramadanman remix)
  2. Wut – Girl Unit (Claude Von Stroke Undressed remix)
  3. Dushi – Crookers (Slap the bass remix)
  4. Homeless – Style Of Eye & Slagsmålsklubben
  5. Home Zone – Digitalism (Proxy remix)
  6. Get the fuck out my house – Crookers
  7. Hangover – Buraka Som Sistema
  8. Spirals – LOL Boys
  9. Ni**as in Paris – Jay Z and Kanye West
  10. Blind Spot – Skanky
  11. Just Smile for me – Bondax
  12. Afterglow – Phaeleh
  13. Pictures – Benjamin Leftwitch Francis (GZUS remix)
  14. The A Team – Ed Sheeran (Koan Sound remix)

Justice – Audio, Video, Disco

5 Sep

They’re back! Ahead of the release of Justice’s second album, due 25th October 2011, and following up from the single “Civilisation” the Parisian duo have announced the release of the album’s second single and title track, “Audio, Video, Disco”, which goes on sale 19th September 2011.

Xavier de Rosnay said, in an interview with Zane Lowe, that the band wanted to incorporate more “hard rock” elements into their signature electro house style. Most of the tracks will include heavy guitar riffs and real drums in order to give their music more “flesh”. Xavier however said that this would be a lighter album than the previous. With their first album being darker, and this one being “daytime music”, not as aggressive as the first. This is definitely apparent with “Audio, Video, Disco. It’s a very stripped back track which doesn’t try too hard to impress. Simple but effective. Also, the album will reportedly feature more collaborations than , with artists such as Ali Love, Vanessa Carlton, and Marina and the Diamonds.