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Nero – Won’t You (Be There)

25 Sep

There is a certain level of generosity within electro which separates it from other genres and deejays from other artists. I rarely find a band offering free downloads on their website in return for an email address but it is something which is becoming more common for deejays and it pleases me greatly. Not only because I’m cheap but it suggests some appreciation from them that we spend our money to watch them perform live and in return their fan base grows and in the long run they probably earn more due to increased ticket sales. As the controversy surrounding illegal downloads rolls on I think it is something the rest of the music world could learn from. If artist aim to achieve more revenue from live performances and less from media sales they will be better for it in the future. I know the costs are high for a full band to produce a song than it is for deejays working from computers but I think the logic is there. Furthermore it will truly separate talented acts and those who just look good and can be manipulated into sounding good.  Everyone’s a winner. I am a huge fan of Nero and have seen them live on multiple occasions.  As for Won’t You (Be There). Compared to their previous it’s a little bit samey and I can kind of see why they are giving it away for free. Saying that they have set the bar extremely high with their previous work and if you scroll down you will see a remix by them which I think is something quite special. Won’t You (Be There) is definitely worth a listen nevertheless.

Nero – Angst

25 Sep

What’s that you hear? Is that Justice, you say? Well no, not quite. Nero have taken “Stress“, turned that son’bitch sideways, shined it up real nice and  shoved it straight down your ear canal under it’s new name, Angst. There’s much dispute to whether Nero have done enough with this track to deserve it having it’s own name. There are many, I assume, hardcore Justice fans who feel that it should be simply “Justice – Stress (Nero Remix)’ and many have actually uploaded this track under such a name or similar descriptions. I personally think they have done enough and am a huge fan of this track. It stands out as one on Welcome Reality which is no small feit. However credit where credit is due, that is one hell of a sample and Stress is a sensational piece of music.

Allio – Down The Rabbit Hole Mix

7 Sep

If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary-wise; what it is it wouldn’t be, and what it wouldn’t be, it would. With this in mind I bring you a fresh new mix from Allio, a talented deejay I met while at University. He tends to switch it up, utilising a range of genres from peaceful chill-out tracks to in your face house and hip-hop, with a cheeky bit of dubstep thrown in for good measure. His latest mix is a perfect example of this. In his words, Down The Rabbit Hole is a mix of tracks; some old, some new, some chilled, some hard but ultimately all class. Featuring tunes such as “Night Air – Jamie Woon (Ramadanman remix)”, “Ni**as in Paris – Jay Z and Kanye West” and “Pictures – Benjamin Leftwitch Francis (GZUS remix)” you know you’re in for a treat. If your ear drums are tingling after playing this and are hungry for more, why not serve them up a portion of “Ruckus In The Library”, listening to it back in May was a regular relief from revising for finals!


  1. Night Air – Jamie Woon (Ramadanman remix)
  2. Wut – Girl Unit (Claude Von Stroke Undressed remix)
  3. Dushi – Crookers (Slap the bass remix)
  4. Homeless – Style Of Eye & Slagsmålsklubben
  5. Home Zone – Digitalism (Proxy remix)
  6. Get the fuck out my house – Crookers
  7. Hangover – Buraka Som Sistema
  8. Spirals – LOL Boys
  9. Ni**as in Paris – Jay Z and Kanye West
  10. Blind Spot – Skanky
  11. Just Smile for me – Bondax
  12. Afterglow – Phaeleh
  13. Pictures – Benjamin Leftwitch Francis (GZUS remix)
  14. The A Team – Ed Sheeran (Koan Sound remix)

Gramatik vs. Queen-Princes Of The Glitch Universe

3 Sep

“I used to LOVE this track when I was a kid so I said f**k it, let’s do a remix!”

I first discovered Gramatik while browsing the internet, avoiding University work presumably, when  I stumbled across his stunning “Knights Of Cydonia Remix“. I immediately set out to find everything he had ever produced and loved everything I came across. From “Orchestrated Incident” to “Who Got Juice“, I was hooked. Going back slightly further I grew up listening  to  Queen. They are probably still my favourite band. I have “Bohemian Rhapsody” on vinyl and their performance at Live Aid on VHS. So naturally since hearing Gramatik’s latest work, a remix of Queen’s “Princes Of The Universe“, I have had it playing non-stop. Yet again the man has stepped up to the plate and smashed it out the park. Adding plenty of distortion, yet another great beat and his signature glitch sounds, Gramatik has taken this rock classic and produced a track so fresh I don’t think 2011 is even ready for it. Now turn your speakers up, this needs to be played loud.

Korn Ft. Skrillex – Get Up (Autoerotique Club Mix).

1 Sep

I am a huge fan of Skrillex and recently I stumbled across this cheeky little remix of the track he made with Korn; Get Up. Now I realise this remix is a lot softer than the original and the music Korn and Skrillex fans are used to, but give it a chance, it has grown on me in the past couple of days to the point which I am now pretty addicted to it. Don’t get me wrong, the original is an absolute beast, but  I just think this is a great remix. Peace!

I’m Sure We Can Be Friends? But I Don’t Like You!

30 Aug

I’m still a total novice with Virtual DJ so apologies to anyone who thinks this verges on blasphemy!

SebastiAn Ft. M.I.A. – CTFO (Nero Remix)

29 Aug

It seems that SebastiAn’s debut album, Total, is destined to be the source of some of 2011’s biggest remixes. Following Crazy PEAS’ naughty remix of Jack Wire, Nero has come along and produced an outrageous remix of the track C.T.F.O Feat M.I.A. And here it is.