From A Friend…

Well hello Doctor Stein, I actually must incline,
As to whether Stein 
Is the real claim of your name 
Or a joke that became? 
You have a great ear for music, sounding out for a classic, 
(One of modern, not Jurassic). 
And I truly am in gratitude 
As you share in magnitude with a similar attitude 
The tunes you find of talent undefined, 
Who are often unsigned, 
But are designed to make one dance. 
At a glance, a dance is chance for an advance, 
However to you or I, 
A dance is a chance to enhance a great high. 
I do rather hope 
You continue your scope of great tunes. 
For back in June (I was not then attune 
To your tunes but unknowingly I would befriend you soon), 
As you are a great assist to my musical list that persists 
To consistently increase. 
Piece. B

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