Tron! & DVD Feat. Lynk – Thunder Raps

6 Sep

Have you ever, ever felt like this? Like strange things are happening, are you going round the twist? Do you think you know what Hip-Hop sounds like; the same old tried and tested samples and beats? Well today I offer you the remedy to hip-hop-apathy. Ever dreamt of a far away world with ghetto blaster hedge rows simultaneously booming out the sounds of Hip-Hop and Florence And The Machine? Welcome to the land of Tron! & DVD where nothing is the way it seems to be. To experience a journey like no other just click on the image below and take a leap into their world.

This dynamic duo draw their sound from every aspect of hip-hop while combining various genres of music to reveal a unique, awesome and somewhat crazy rap sound. Back in may the genre hopping hip-hop brothers released their mystifying mixtape, ADVENTURE TIME! Alongside Lynk they have now released the official video to Thunder Raps and I thought if we were going to have a preview of the new video it’d be appropriate to revisit their brilliant mixtape. But first; Thunder Raps.

Tron! & DVD – Adventure Time

You’ll find that Adventure Time will have you singing along to several infectious chorus’ and then blown away by their lyrical talent and exquisite flow. They know how to switch it up and this brilliant mixtape was overflowing  with hit after hit that ranged from light-hearted house-party anthems to dirty, gritty hip-hop beats. Tron! is a true Jedi Master of sampling and produced many of the tracks on Adventure Time. The result is a hip-hop mixtape like no other, featuring samples from Florence and The Machine, Fall Out Boy, Matt & Kim, Dev, Muse and more.

RUN”, which samples Florence & The Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over” is a personal favorite of mine alongside “This Is All Me”,  a great track using the incredibly catchy chorus from Matt & Kim’s hit, “Block After Block”.

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