Gramatik vs. Queen-Princes Of The Glitch Universe

3 Sep

“I used to LOVE this track when I was a kid so I said f**k it, let’s do a remix!”

I first discovered Gramatik while browsing the internet, avoiding University work presumably, when  I stumbled across his stunning “Knights Of Cydonia Remix“. I immediately set out to find everything he had ever produced and loved everything I came across. From “Orchestrated Incident” to “Who Got Juice“, I was hooked. Going back slightly further I grew up listening  to  Queen. They are probably still my favourite band. I have “Bohemian Rhapsody” on vinyl and their performance at Live Aid on VHS. So naturally since hearing Gramatik’s latest work, a remix of Queen’s “Princes Of The Universe“, I have had it playing non-stop. Yet again the man has stepped up to the plate and smashed it out the park. Adding plenty of distortion, yet another great beat and his signature glitch sounds, Gramatik has taken this rock classic and produced a track so fresh I don’t think 2011 is even ready for it. Now turn your speakers up, this needs to be played loud.

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