Scroobius Pip – Indtrodiction

13 Aug

“Hello my name is Pip, and I would like to speak some lyrics,
Into this microphone that’s amplified so you can hear it.
This piece of diction is the intro to Distraction Pieces,
That’s all the shit that flies around my head and keeps me sleepless.”

Following his first album “No Commercial Breaks” and his collaborative work on  “Angels” and “The Logic of Chance” with Dan Le Sac, Pip is back on his lonesome with “Distraction Pieces” which is set for released in mid September. (Dan Le Sac also has a solo album set for release in 2012, the title of which is yet to be confirmed.) The first offering from Distraction Pieces comes in the form of Inrodiction, and the signs are promising to say the least.

Letter From God“, for me, is one of the greatest songs to have emerged from the world of Hip-Hop. That was over three years now and the world of Hip-Hop is due another injection of  his unique sound. When I think about the state of the charts these days the line “Such little food for thought my fucking brain feels anorexic” resonates heavily. As you would expect “Introdiction” is lyrically genius,fearless and his dilivery is superb. September 19th can’t come soon enough!

The impending release of “Distraction Pieces” got me so excited I tried to mix “Introdiction” with “Letter From God To Man”. I hope you like it, if it’s offensive to your ears please pass on my sincerest apologies, I am new to this mixing business! Peace x


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    […] Pieces is shaping up to be one of the albums of the year. First Scoobius Pip released “Introdiction“. Now as a reward to his fans for the amazing response the video received and the number of […]

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